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TEOW SOON HUAT (THS) Duty Free, Langkawi.

Episode 9: Holiday in Langkawi Island 
 ( Tuesday, 17 Mei 2011)

Hi friends. Here we want to share about last activities after we check out from Langkapuri Inn around 10.00am. Today is the last day we were here. We have much time to shopping before we need to go Kuah's Jetty at 6.00pm because our tiket to Kuala Kedah's Jetty time is 6.30pm.

Actually, Teow Soon Huat (THS) Mega Department Store is the 1'st store we go to buy something. Hmm... THS is duty-free Shopping Mall. Among the product that is here is Wine,Spirits,Chocolate,Tobacco,Beauty,Ladies Fashion,Mens Fashion,For Kids,For Home,Luggage and Supermarket.
 In this post, we just to share about what we buy here. 
That is Chocolate. 
Here the picture will tell everything at TSH.
The brand of the chocolate

Chocolete too
The most famous
the layout of Chocolate
The brand of the chocolate

Here the Address and contact number of THS.
TEOW SOOH HUAT Duty Free Supermarket & Department Store
A14-15 Pokok Asam,Kuah 07000 Langkawi, Langkawi. Malaysia.
Tel: +6049667528 Fax: +6049667752

Ok, we need to go another shopping mall to shopping.
to be continue...

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