Isnin, 6 Jun 2011

Haji Ismail Group (HIG) duty free, Langkawi. Malaysia

Episode 10: Holiday in Langkawi Island.
 (Tuesday, 17 Mei 2011)

Hi there, After we finished shopping at THS, we go another free duty Shopping mall. That is Haji Ismail Group (HIG). What people says, "If we at langkawi Island, not complete we not visit HIG" . HIG is also Free-Duty but here,  not sale Wine, Liquor And Tobacco. Here, we just bought some chocolates and luggage. So, here the pictures of HIG.

HIG Building

HIG Building

Chocolate section

Brand of chocolate

Halal Certificate

crockery set

Vantage Brand

Umbrella for sale
Ok, we need to go the last shopping place.
To be continued...

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